Real or fake

If you look on-line for nice videos you will find plenty. The problem is, some for sure are fake and some are real, genuine, but how can you tell them apart?

For many people perhaps it does not matter. If it looks like it could be real, then that’s enough. A bit of imagination and it’s enjoyable and that’s great.

For us, though, we believe a video should be what it claims to be. If it is described as a person and genuine poop, then it should be a person and genuine poop.

We know videos get re-posted. We know people alter video titles or descriptions. But we also need to know whether it’s real or just a simulation.

For us, a video is completely real or it’s not. Videos of, say, ‘naked in public’ where the person is wearing clothes and is not in public, perhaps merely outdoors in a secluded place, may be enjoyable but are not truthful.

The problem with poop videos is that you never really know. Some are obviously fake, some are obviously real, some are such good fakes that it is hard to tell.

We have a percentage meter, like the old swingometer the BBC used to use to show election results. 100% means the video is totally real and genuine, 0% means it’s totally fake.

We have a set of simple tests we use to nudge the arrow up or down, making the probability it is genuine greater or lower. It’s not foolproof, but it helps.

We will describe, and hopefully find examples, of our tests in the next few posts.

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