We’ve always been big fans of Santara (Kate). She seems like a nice, wholesome lady.

Often, not always but who knows, it looks genuine. Her fruit consumption is a favourite:

She doesn’t seem too impressed with the fruit, and we’re with her on that.

Why eat it?

Why do people eat poop?

There seem to be lots of reasons. Here are just some:

There are some medical disorders that involve coprophagia.

it has been suggested that it is good for your health, in the same way that drinking pee is said to be good for you. It does seem like both of these have been disproved. There are several (famous) people who have drunk pee every day in the belief it promotes good health, but that seems untrue. It was Kim Kardashian who said that if eating poop kept you young, she might. We suspect she doesn’t mean it literally, just as an example of the lengths she would go to. That she doesn’t (as far as we know) helps us understand there are no health benefits.

There are religious cults that require this. There is a video of an American lady who eats shit for God. We may post it later. It’s devotion. It shows you are unworthy.

You eat it because you are commanded/forced to, as you are a slave.

As a personal challenge.

Because you like the taste.

Just to see what it’s like.

For shock value with someone else.

By accident.

Because it’s exciting, disgusting and unusual.

Because you are paid to.