Amateur or professional?

You can often tell a professionally produced video from a home made amateur one. We get it, actually we love it. A couple decide to experiment, film it and share it. Why wouldn’t it be genuine? We’ve all done it, right?

Professional videos work to a budget and a time scale. When you want someone to poop on cue, they have to poop, and the temptation to fake is higher. It’s disappointing that some professionally produced clips say ‘amateur’ when they obviously are not. Another push towards fake.

Do they pee?

Apparently it’s not so difficult to fake poop, (we’ve never tried) but pee is almost impossible to fake. Also, apparently, ladies especially must pee and poop at the same time.

So, as a guideline, if you see someone pooping and not peeing, then that’s a push towards the fake side. Not conclusive, but one more factor.

Who’s pooping

If we see a video including poop and people, then we find it hard to decide just how genuine it is, but we have some guidelines.

If it’s a man being pooped on, then it’s probably genuine. This is especially true if it’s a man pooping on a man. A large number seem to be multiple ladies pooping on a man, possibly coming from eastern Europe, the guy being masked in some way. We’re guessing these are genuine because there’s no reason for them not to be.

Ladies pooping on ladies is more complicated. There are many that are genuine. There are a couple that involve sisters or mother/daughter videos. There’s usually some proof that the people are related and the reactions of the people seem to support the idea that it’s all genuine. They must need the money.

Very often, ladies sharing a poop together are fake. Not always, but often there’s so unbelievable about the ‘story’ that you question everything.